Pilot View Inc. exists to help community organizations that have the desire, but not the means or the expertise, to undertake projects that improve the human or natural resources or the economic conditions of their community. While Pilot View can assist with fund- raising, grant-writing, grant administration and project coordination, sponsoring organizations that receive Pilot View's help must provide project leadership or participate in the project in some other meaningful way.

Proposals must be submitted in writing to Pilot View Inc. They should include the name of the sponsoring organization, a description of the project, its estimated cost, and an explanation of how the project furthers the cause of resource conservation and development. Applications should also state clearly the assistance the sponsoring organization is seeking from Pilot View, and describe how the sponsoring organization will participate in the project. A link at the bottom of this page has an application form that you can print out to use as a guide.

All proposals are considered by the Pilot View Resource Conservation and Development Council twice a year a year, in April and October. In evaluating proposals, the board considers the merits of the proposal, its impact on the environment and resources, its impact upon human resources, its potential for spurring economic development, and the potential for the project to improve the standard of living for the region or the community.

Deadlines for project proposals are April 1 and Oct. 1.

Click here for Project Application Form