Tales from the Stream

An excerpt from the February 2012 edition of Trout Tales: The newsletter of the Rocky River Chapter of Trout Unlimited


trout unlimited logoEditor’s note: We are always excited to hear from RRTU membership about their fishing adventures. This one comes from member Alen Baker … THANKS Alen!

The Urban Angler!

During this mild winter I have gone with a close friend to fly fish the new Ararat River - delayed harvest waters in Mount Airy, North Carolina. The river flows parallel to the greenway east of uptown so access is as simple as walking along the walking trail and dropping in anywhere along the way. The stream banks are sometimes steep and slippery, so the easy places to find fish are the more difficult pools to drop down to.

NCWRC has stocked these waters well for the winter and one of my friends has been averaging about 20 trout every trip...and he fishes the Ararat about twice each week...of course he knows the place well by now.

The entire section of water has been improved with large boulder structures to provide excellent holding water and well aerated/oxygenated water for trout. The section above the delayed harvest has always been hatchery supported and in general the water is very clean since it flows out of the mountain side forests of southern Virginia. The delayed harvest section is over 2 miles long and Mount Airy is as easy to get to from Charlotte as the Mitchell River, maybe slightly quicker.

You can take a break at lunch and go get a milkshake and burger uptown in "Mayberry". This is a great place to drop a fly on the water. It may well become a favored stream for many of us from RRTU. It is urban angling at its best!

- Alen